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Nascondino _ play intimacy

   April 6, 2017  

“Nascondino is a collection of alcoves providing a moment of intimacy. Reminiscent of the youthful days of hide-and-seek, Nascondino creates a new space in which we can lose ourselves in reverie. When we leave our feet poking out, it’s usually because we want to be found”.

Design by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte

Belgian designer, born in 1991, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte is graduated in Industrial Design from La Cambre in 2014. He opened his own studio in the same year in residence at MAD in Situ in Brussels. The goal of his work is to give the user an experience. The design of Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte is an enigmatic design that attempts to challenge the evidence, proposes to change the habits and calls for a new perception of reality. From its roots, the designer kept the surrealism and crafts. His work has indeed the ability to associate the urge to break and originality to the nobility of materials.
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