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You are so horny and romantic, I wanna fall in Love

   February 9, 2016  

art interior decoration design homes photography ceramics diy @ decor8.gr διακόσμηση σπίτια art interior decoration design homes photography ceramics diy @ decor8.gr διακόσμηση σπίτια

Augustus Veinoglou

art interior decoration design homes photography ceramics diy @ decor8.gr διακόσμηση σπίτια

Sofia Touboura

Openshowstudio project platform at Snehta Residency presenting:

 You are so horny and romantic, I wanna fall in Love

A glimpse into the sensual and sentimental side of the local art scene


Opening / Live sets : Saturday 13th February, 9pm

Exhibition: Sunday 14th February, 12pm-8pm


*Το Openshowstudio είναι μια καλλιτεχνική πειραματική πλατφόρμα που παρουσιάζει οπτικοακουστικά δρώμενα από το 2010 στην Αθήνα, in situ σε διάφορα μέρη της Ελλάδας και στο εξωτερικό.

** Η Snehta Residency είναι ένας φιλόξενος εκθεσιακός και εργαστηριακός χώρος στην Κυψέλη όπου εικαστικοί καλλιτέχνες από το εξωτερικό και όχι μόνο, εργάζονται και εκθέτουν. 


   November 27, 2014  


A guy in his 50’s enters the room kind of curious, kind of reserved, kind of intrigued.  He walks around and then puts a little smile on his face. You read his expression and you can tell…“that’s so unusual and interesting”.  He seems to be heading off but he comes back.  He comes back to revive the feeling of being “nude”, pure, and transparent in front of your own light. Natural light coming out of the most intriguing parts of your body.

Those who have visited TRANSPARENTIA exhibition, would know how difficult it is to keep an urbane tone at an urban place like that, especially when the substance of the art piece is your own body. Regardless of the sexual connotations that someone could easily identify at Greg Haji Joannides art work, to me it is more than that. It is the opportunity to shed light at your own inner shelf.


TRANSPARENTIA, by Greg Haji Joannides

@sixdogs, 6-8 Avramiotou str., 10551, Athens, Greece
26th November – 10th December
Open from 12.00 to 00.00



 Greg Haji Joannides was born on December 6, 1980, in Athens, Greece. He studied Business and Management in London and Athens. He holds a BA from London Metropolitan University and an MBA from Business College of Athens.

He worked in the marketing, communication and advertising sectors in Athens and Madrid. Initially a self-taught photographer, he developed his artistic voice through the guidance of Panos Kokkinias. He has also collaborated with choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou. His series “light reaction” first appeared in “Lille3000” Art Fair, in October 2012, as well as, at Palais de Tokyo, Paris in April 2014.

Since July 2014, he runs the Time Capsule Art Project at Sterna Nisyros Residences in Nisyros, Greece.

‘Art on a Postcard’ London, VASSILIS KARAKATSANIS

   October 16, 2014  

Urban Details-2014a-Vassilis Karakatsanis-mixed media on paper-010X015cm Urban Details-2014b-Vassilis Karakatsanis-mixed media on paper-010X015cm

The Hepatitis C Trust is excited to be hosting an ‘Art on a Postcard’ fundraiser. All artworks will be on show from 11-13 November 2014 at Whitfield Fine Art, London W1 and available to view and bid for online from end Oct (auction link and auction start date tbc). There is a guest list only evening event on 13 November which will round off the auction, but you can keep bidding online from wherever you are.


Contributors include Gilbert and George, Damien Hirst, Cecily Brown, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Jeremy Deller, Gavin Turk, Inkie, Whitney McVeigh and Martin Wilner. Over 200 artists including street artists, illustrators, photographers and tutors and students from the major art colleges including RCA, Slade, Goldsmiths, Chelsea and Wimbledon have also contributed and the quality of the work is exceptional.


A full list of the contributors’ names will be circulated before the sale, but the work will be anonymous to all but the winning bidder and not until the auction has ended.


Funds raised will go to The Hepatitis C Trust, the only UK charity for people with hepatitis C. The Hepatitis C Trust is the only UK charity for hepatitis C. The work we do covers many areas including outreach and testing, research, representation and support, providing information, raising awareness and policy and parliamentary work. As a direct result of our lobbying the government in April this year early access to new treatments was granted to patients who would otherwise have died. Many patients discover their diagnosis too late and overall only 3% of people with hepatitis C currently receive treatment. We are at a point where despite there being new drugs with a potential to cure everyone with hepatitis C, more people are dying of the disease than ever before.


Chief Executive of the Trust Charles Gore said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response we have received from world famous artists for this fundraiser. This is an amazing opportunity to buy a beautiful artwork and support us at the same time.  This is our first Art on a Postcard auction and an incredibly exciting project for us. As a charity we want not just to reverse the ever rising death toll from hepatitis C but to consign this cancer-causing virus to history as a public health threat. You can help us do that. ”


You can preview daily postings of the cards on both Facebook and Instagram here:




   September 3, 2014  

The well-known multifaceted artist Dimitris Papaioannou participates in the Art Residency and Exhibition programme Time Capsule Art Project from 20 August until 5 September at Sterna Nisyros Residences in the island of Nisyros, Greece.

Dimitris Papaioannoupicks Sterna to open up for the first time, his personal archive, which includes drawing and watercolors, all part of his creative process. They are at the same time a diary of impressions, small autonomous artworks, or notes for future choreographies. In the context of Time Capsule Art Project, there will be exhibited 20 of these drawings focusing on the human condition and behavior. The earlier announced presentation by the artist himself about his complex art practice is canceled due to important professional duties.

Sterna Nisyros Residences aspires to become a meeting place for artists from Greece and all around the world. Through its Time Capsule Art Project, inspired by Greg Haji Joannides and curated by Eleni Koukou, it attempts to provide an environment where contemporary creation will interact with the various aspects of Nisyros’ unique environment.

IMG_7660 IMG_7664 IMG_7673 IMG_7697 IMG_7712

For Summer 2014 Time Capsule Art Project has already invited to Sterna Nisyros Residences: the Greek visual artist Kostas Bassanos and the Danish visual artist and performer Augusta Atla. The 2014 programme will be completed in September with the design group show It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Vol.2


Open to the public daily 6-10pm

More information at sterna.com.gr





   March 27, 2014  

Gallery Sarri12, in Athens, is where street artists Cacao Rocks and This is Opium meet for the first time to form Zadig.

Zadig is the title of a book about a journey, written by Voltaire in the 18th century, but referring to the 12th century.

All the images described in the book are born in Voltaire’s imagination. He had never visited these places but learnt of them by reading stories and myths of the era.

The paintings of the exhibition take the viewer through a journey to mythical and imaginary places. The artists are portraying Zadig’s story using their imagination, their personal painting techniques and their experiences from a world Voltaire had never imagined.

The opening of the exhibition takes place at Gallery Sarri12 today at 20.00.  Curated by Denia Panagaki.

See you all there!

zadig, cacao rocks, thsi is optium optium, decor8.gr zadig, cacao rocks, thsi is optium optium, decor8.grzadig, cacao rocks, thsi is optium optium, decor8.grzadig, cacao rocks, thsi is optium optium, decor8.grzadig, cacao rocks, thsi is optium optium, decor8.gr

Pictures from grekamag.gr


Exhibition duration: 27 March–end of April 2014
SARRI 12 GALLERY , Sarri12 Psiri, Athens, Greece
Wednesda- Sunday 12:00 – 17:00
e-mail: gallery@sarri12.com www.sarri12.com

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